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curious one.

Well done for taking the first step, I am proud of you. Let us see if we can turn that step into a crawl.


I am a Professional Dominant and kink educator for all gender identities and sexual orientations. There is room at my feet for everyone.


This is a safe space for you to explore BDSM and submission, and you can choose the exploration journey that makes you feel most comfortable:


You can enjoy my femdom content, join my Patreon to learn and engage, and/or apply to be my submissive in an online dynamic.


Let us have fun, be safe and discover new parts of yourself, together.

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Well done, pet.


About Me 

Kind and Cruel

I am Kind and Cruel - two sides to the same coin. I will push you to your limits for my own sadistic amusement and then make you melt with a gentle word and some unexpected praise.


As a Chameleon Domme, I can easily assume the role you need. I am a Sadist, a Mistress, a Deity, a Disciplinarian, and a Daddy Domme.


No matter what kind of dynamic you want, creating a safe space for both of us is my number one priority. Safe words, limits and aftercare are non-negotiable.


I only take on submissives who are open minded, willing, honest curious, and kind. Our dynamics are emotionally intimate and I will not tolerate assholes.

Sessions and Dynamics

Become Mine

All new subs must fill out an application form and book an Introductory Session. The application form is the foundation of a safe, sane, consensual and fun dynamic.


The Introductory Session is your opportunity to get to know me, and chat about your needs. It also helps overcome any nerves - I need you focused on serving me, after all.


If you do not know exactly what you want, do not beat yourself up... that is my job.


Once you have applied, we can build your fantasy together or you can choose one of my packages that include key holding, lifestyle, and little space.


I welcome all kinks and fetishes, so share your darkest desires with me. There is no judgement here... unless that is your thing.


Femdom Content

Dip your toe in

Subscribe to my sites to get a taste of my domination. Experience what it is like to be my submissive without committing to a dynamic.


Each week I create a tantalising new scene designed to take you on a submissive journey over the course of five days.


We explore a range of fantasies, kinks and fetishes, as I role play fun scenarios ranging from kinky librarian to strict CEO and even Daddy Domme for littles.


Every week there is a free submissive task linked to the scene and I give personal feedback to everyone who participates.


You can subscribe to OnlyFans and LoyalFans or purchase individual clips from LoyalFans, ManyVids and IWantClips.

BDSM Education

Join my community

Join my communities to engage with me as a BDSM practitioner and educator.


My platform is a safe space for all participants of all roles, genders, experience levels, and sexual orientations. Here we engage with my content and each other, chat, and share advice and experiences, in an effort to build a better and safer BDSM community.


For $5 a month you will enjoy access to Patreon-exclusive content, behind the scenes videos, live streams, educational videos, makeup tutorials, bedtime stories and more. My goals for this platform is to create a community of like minded people who want explore.

I have added a tier for Discord Server access which is $3 per month.

Otherwise, come join my on YouTube where I post a variety of educational videos and do live streams.


I encourage all subscribers to engage with my content, engage with each other’s comments, ask questions, answer questions and enjoy yourselves.


What others have to say


I was fortunate to meet Domme Claire in 2022. It has been a magical journey ever since. I was definitely a newbie to BDSM and extremely nervous prior to my consult and then our first session. Claire has a demeanor coupled with their transparency that very quickly put me at ease. I am still nervous before a session but now it is more like an anxious anticipation of what is to come. There have been ups and downs and mistakes made but Claire has guided me through with honesty, patience and education. I have learned a lot about how the community works. I have been blown away with the amount of compassion, support, respect of boundaries and trust there is inside the BDSM community. I wasn’t in a great spot when we first started talking.

Through our different sessions (domination, story time and Development Dynamic) I started liking myself again and taking care of myself more. I have learned things about myself I never new existed. This has helped me grow both mentally and physically and validate that it is ok to be who I am. As my owner I view Domme Claire as an educator, life coach, disciplinarian, compassionate supporter but most importantly a Trusted Friend. Thank you for being there Daddy!



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