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Ways to Serve

If you don’t see what you are looking for, do not fret my pet, you can still be mine. Fill out the application form, book an Introductory Session and we will build your fantasy together.

Online Dynamic

Enjoy online sessions, with scenes tailored to your kinks, fetishes, and fantasies.


Fill out an application form, be as detailed as possible, and book an Introductory Session so we can get to know each other, and discuss your desires, needs and limits.  


Once we’ve done the Intro Session you can book online domination sessions here. All sessions are held on a unique Zoom link and include a pre-session chat and aftercare in addition to the time booked.

Dungeon Dynamic

Step into my playground, kneel before me, feel the sting of my crop, taste the leather of my boots, and experience the vulnerability of being shackled. I have a fully equipped, discrete dungeon in Cape Town where I torture, punish, humiliate, degrade and play. Whatever your fantasy, I have the furniture, tools, toys and imagination to make it reality in my dungeon. 


Fill out an application form and specify that you’d like an in-person session in my dungeon. Then book an introductory session. 


For safety reasons I thoroughly vet all in-person subs and will sometimes require a coffee date before we meet.

Filming Dynamic

I’m always looking for fun subbies to film with in my dungeon. I film with subs of all genders, sexual orientations and body types. And I’m open to exploring all sorts of kinks and scenes. I work at a negotiated rate with filming subs depending on their experience and appeal to my audience. Get in touch if you want to serve me on camera. 

Development Dynamic

Let me be the strict, caring hand that keeps you on the path of positive growth. This is ideal if you struggle with mental health or need help developing a healthier lifestyle. I will create structure, hold you accountable, deliver consequences and motivate you to achieve your goals.


Fill out an application form, specifying Personal Development, and book an Introductory Session to discuss your needs and goals, negotiate rules, and create a plan. 


You will have an online activity log via the Obedience app, regular check-ins, and tasks to help you achieve your goals.

Little Space Bedtime

This is a safe, caring environment for you to explore Little Space. As a Daddy Dom I will help you wind down, get ready for bed and drift off for a good night’s rest with a bedtime story. 


Little Space can be very vulnerable so it’s important to chat before we play. Fill out an application form and book an Introductory Session first. In the Introductory Session we can discuss your experience with Little Space, the props, activities and toys you have, and any traumas and/or triggers. 


I want to know what makes you feel Little so I can help you get into Little Space safely, comfortably and easily.

Feminisation Dynamic

Submit to me and your innermost self. Break gender boundaries in a safe space whether it’s for humiliation, transformation or exploration. I can dress you up like a doll, give you make-up tutorials, or force you to model lingerie for my amusement. 


Whatever your feminisation fantasy is, I can make it a reality in person or online. Fill out an application form, specify that you want to play with feminisation and book an introductory session.

Keyholding Dynamic

Keyholding Dynamics are all about surrendering control of your pleasure to your Dom or Keyholder. It's not necessarily about edging or tease and denial, although teasing in various forms is a huge part of the dynamic! My Keyholding Dynamic is inclusive of everyone - newbies and experienced players, once-off and vetted submissives, folks with and without devices, and open to all genders.

South Africans are welcome to EFT me in ZAR. I use a conversion rate of USD1 = ZAR15, regardless of the actual exchange rate. The included domination sessions are either online or at my dungeon.

The Trainee

New to chastity or curious to try it with me? Don’t be shy. Dip your tip into the world of chastity with my one-week trainee programme. I’m sure you'll survive this and want your key around my neck.   


The Trainee gets one 15 min check-in session, one 30 min domination session, tasks, and progress reports with accountability. 


The Denied

Experience the delicious suffering at the hands of a beautiful Dom who knows how to bend your brain and make you strain. I’ll hold your keys and your attention. 


The Denied includes two 15 min check-in sessions, two 30 min domination sessions, tasks, and progress reports with accountability over the course of two weeks. 


The Cuck

Become my full-time cucky in long term chastity. I’ll tease you, grant or deny you and humiliate you. You’ll be straining for release, desperate for pleasure, and 100% focused on my sadistic joy. 


The Cuck includes four 15 min check-ins, four 30 min domination sessions, tasks, and progress reports with accountability every month. 

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