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About Me

From dominant to Dom

Being dominant came naturally to me, but being a Professional Dominant took years of exploration, education, training, and hard work. And I continue to learn. I grow and evolve with every session, every interaction I have, and every piece of research I do. For me, BDSM is a beautiful, endless exploration of mind, body and spirit.  


Being in control has been part of who I am from a young age –– I was required to raise a younger sibling and look after my mother. 


While working as an exotic dancer I discovered its full power and beauty. I wielded the power to keep alcohol and hormone fuelled patrons in line, and I saw the beauty when customers made kinky requests. Requests for spitting, spanking, choking and sucking on sweaty stockings piqued my interest and awakened my Dom. Soon I was asking clients about their kinks, and finding new ways to tantalise and explore. 


From there I found a BDSM community I could learn from, started doing research, followed kink educators, worked with experienced Dommes in double sessions, learned from experienced subs, and immersed myself in this world. 

The Personal Stuff

I’m neurodivergent with ADHD and ASD and I’m passionate about mental health in BDSM - and BDSM for mental health. 


I’m a non-binary queer Dom. This means that I don’t identify with any particular gender, regardless of how masculine or feminine I may present. And I am attracted to a person’s soul and energy, not their gender.


We’ll discuss appropriate honorifics in your introductory session. 


But none of this makes me who I am. My curiosity, my sense of humour, my intuition, my work ethic, and my passion make me who I am. I bring all of this to being your Dom.


Limits are the cornerstone of safe, sane, and consensual BDSM. And just like you have yours, I have mine. Communication limits are my personal boundaries regarding how you can contact me. Hard limits are things I will never do under any circumstance. Soft limits are things I might consider with certain submissives under the right conditions. And requirement limits are things that have to happen for us to maintain a dynamic. 


Communication Limits


Sundays and Mondays are off limits for all communication. They are my days off. Continued breaching of this boundary will result in me ending the dynamic. If you experience sub-drop after a session you must contact me for support. I am not available for chats in between sessions, you can contact me up to 48 hours before a session to discuss the scene.

Requirement Limits


Before we engage in a dynamic there must be an Introductory Session. The first few sessions of a dynamic will be limited to 15 or 30 minutes, nothing longer, this is to protect us both. Every session ends with aftercare and debrief of what was enjoyed –– Non negotiable! 


Soft Limits  


Dungeon sessions, Watersports, Foot worship, Physical contact, Blackmail, Financial domination, Blood play, Sub’s self anal play, JOI, Sub’s nudity, Urethral sounding.

Hard Limits


Exchanging sessions for services, My own nudity, Sexual services, Illegal acts, Intimate body worship, Physical touch as a love language, Scat play, Degradation directed at identity, Body shaming, Making a submissive cry intentionally, Pegging, Any form of anal play I have to give, Face slapping, Body modification/mutilation/permanent scarring, Calling me “baby” or other condescending names.

Protocols & Policies


We don't use any honorifics outside of a negotiated dynamic. We discuss the use of honorifics and which ones to use for you during the Introductory Session. Honorifics that I generally accept include Sai (pronounced as sigh), Sir, Ma'am, Master, Mistress, Daddy, Deity. I'm more than happy to chat about other options if it slots in with the nature of our dynamic.

Payments & Tributes

All online sessions must be paid using the payment method available on my website, unless otherwise negotiated and consented to. Please refrain from making any payments via content platforms such as OnlyFans and IWantClips, as their fee on all transactions is 20%.

Dungeon and Couples sessions can be paid via the payment method available on my website, EFT or cash in an envelope.

Tributes are gifts from the submissive to their dominant as a means to enhance their life. This might manifest as a monetary payment, a gift, or a service performed for me. When you gift me in any form, use language that demonstrates this form of reverence, for example: "monthly tithe to Deity", "from ___", and so on. If you're tributing for something specific, then you can add "for spa day" or "car payment".

Acceptable tribute methods include:

  • Getting something from my wish lists:

  • Adopting a bill on my behalf, such as gym or pole dance memberships, car instalment, phone bill, home or dungeon rent, etc.

  • Everyday spoils include UberEats or MrDelivery vouchers, funding my date nights, sending me flowers and snacks, pampering me with spa days, new outfits and shoes.

  • Investing into my holiday savings fun or retirement annuity.

Monetary gifts can be then the following ways: 

  • PayPal:

  • WishTender:

  • BitCoin wallet ID: 3LqRzMu9hHX5ZowTSiEBMufN1RufThf4Cy

  • Ethereum wallet ID: 0xEf8fD6F3bd103E2790BA27F7888ad783b160A109

  • USDC wallet ID: 0xf117ae7D58F3D162446F9211040904150AC6cc3f


All online sessions are to be paid in full in advance. 50% of the session fee will be treated as a non-refundable deposit.

All dungeon sessions require a non-refundable 50% deposit to be paid to secure your booking. Payment can be made via PayPal, EFT or you can hand me cash in an envelope. You're welcome to make the full payment for the session in advance.


For online sessions:

If you are 5 minutes late with no communication, you will be considered a no-show. I will terminate the session and you will forfeit the session fee.

For dungeon sessions:

If you are 15 minutes late with no communication, you will be considered a no-show. I will terminate and you will forfeit the deposit.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Should you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please do so at least 48 hours in advance, unless there is a valid emergency. If you have paid your session in full, I will hold the deposit and may refund you the rest of your session or you can use it it credit for a future session. You may reschedule a session only once.

If I need to reschedule the session, your entire session fee including the deposit will be honoured as credit for the rescheduled session.

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